To be perfectly honest, I didn’t remember what today was when I woke up.  I knew it was Wednesday, and I knew I was running late.  I didn’t remember which Wednesday it was until I saw the traffic headed into DC for all of the memorial events.  And then I saw all of the Facebook posts and radio spots and TV remembrances  talking about what happened and what they remember about that day.

I really don’t remember that much about September 11, 2001.  I was in 7th grade– eleven years old.  I was sitting in Ms. Gregory’s earth science class when the office called and said my mom was there to pick me up.  I remember being really confused because usually when my mom picked me up early she told me ahead of time. Even when she told me and my sister what had happened, that the trade centers and the Pentagon had been hit, I really didn’t understand.

The only thing I remember vividly from that day was that we got Taco Bell take out and sat in the kitchen around the radio listening to the updates (we didn’t have a tv). I knew that my Mama was very upset and worried and crying.  She would pick up the phone that was sitting next to her on the first ring; when it wasn’t my Dad, she would immediately hang up.  I knew that my Daddy worked in DC and something bad had happened there.  At points they were reporting that a bomb had gone off at the State Department, where my Daddy worked.   When Mama talked to my Aunt, who worked at the Department of Interior in DC, she said that she heard the bomb go off at the State Dept.

September 11th changed the fabric of the world.  It changed the fabric of my world.  I have been to Ground Zero in New York and the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania.  I go through the Pentagon everyday on my way to and from work.  I see the scars that September 11th has left on this country.  I mourn the horrible, senseless loss of life that day and everyday sense then because of those acts.

But today, this September 11th, I didn’t visit any memorials or go to any assemblies or speeches.  Today, at lunch, I walked out of my office and down the street and I had lunch with my Daddy at Subway.  And I thanked God that he was still here so I could have lunch with him.   12 years ago he walked into the front door that night. And that is what I remember, really remember, from September 11th.

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