In which I Get a Sparkly New Piece of Jewelry

I’m engaged to Mr. C!


I’m so excited to get to write these words and share this exciting news with all of you out in blogger land! I am so excited I hardly know what to do with myself.

On Saturday we went to the Festival of Lights, which is this amazing drive through light display made out of Christmas lights (sidenote: If you have kids, you should find something like this in your area and go.).  At the end, there is a carnival with rides and food and general carnival stuff, including a Ferris wheel.   I love Ferris wheels, so of course I begged Mr. C to ride with me even though it was freezing.  We were the only adults in line that weren’t there with children who wanted to ride, and the man running the ride took one look at us and said “y’all are crazy!” But we climb into the seat and up we go, stopping every little bit as more people climb on.


When we stop at the top I turned around to see the view from up high and when I turned back around, there was Mr. C with this amazingly beautiful ring.  He said beautiful words and I said “yes!”.  I pulled off my glove so he could put the ring  on my finger and I was shivering so bad I was afraid we would drop it and it would be lost down in Ferris wheel machinery before I ever got to wear it.  But it made it on my finger, I said “oooooh pretty” and immediately put my glove back on until we were back in the car where it was warm!


But I haven’t stopped staring at it since then.  But, I have to tell you, my ring is the height of irony.  You see, “He went to Jared.”

I hate the Jared commercials.  With a passion.  I have made fun of them for as long as I can remember.  When Calvin and I first started dating, my sister told him “Don’t get her ring from Jared.  She hates that store.”  And so of course, when we were looking at rings, the one we both fell in love with was from….yep, Jared.  So my ring is a daily reminder that all of us have to eat our words sometimes, because this ring is beautiful and I wouldn’t want any other ring.

We are planning a fall 2015 wedding, so we have lots of time and I am planning lots of fun DIY projects that I will look forward to sharing with you as they come along.

(Please excuse the horrible quality of my cell phone photos.  We will take better ones, I promise!)

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