Choosing Menswear for Your Wedding

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So guys.  I ordered my wedding dress.  Pretty cool stuff!

I’m not going to post any pictures of it so that no one who isn’t supposed to see it will see it accidentally, but  it’s ordered and it’s gorgeous — very simple and we are going to embellish it with lace from my Mama’s wedding dress (since she was a size 2 or something like that when she got married and neither my sister nor I will ever be able to fit into it).

So once that was done, it was time to dress the menfolk.

Mr. C and I decided to go with Men’s Wearhouse for tuxedo rentals because they had the best coordinating color to the bridesmaid dresses.  And since we ordered some of the bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal, we get a discount on the tux rentals as well.  We decided on tuxedos for a couple of reasons.  One, none of Calvin’s groomsmen are really suit wearers, so to get the quality of look I wanted, they would have all had to go buy a suit, which they would probably not have a whole lot of occasion to wear again, so that would be a waste of money.  Second, the size of people wearing needing matching suits runs from a 5 year old, to 110 pound Mr. C to built like a football lineman.  There was no way we were going to find something that matched and would fit all of those sizes.  Third, everyone (including Calvin and I) is traveling to the wedding.  There is a whole lot less potential for forgotten or lost items of clothing when it all comes in a big black bag together from on place.  You pick it up on your way out of town headed to the wedding and you take a group field trip to the Men’s Wearhouse just down the street from the hotel the morning after the wedding and turn it back in.  Easy peesy!

Here’s what we settled on:

For Calvin and Braden we are doing ivory vests and ties.

Groomsmen will have teal vests and ties to match the bridesmaid dresses.


I think the Father’s are just going to wear suits, but we put them on the group just in case they change their minds.  If they do wear tuxes, I’m not sure what colors we will go with for their vests and ties, but probably the ivory.

A few tips I discovered while we were in this process:

  1. Don’t go try to sign up for your rentals during prom season.  We really didn’t think this one through and we ended up waiting a really long time before we were helped. That could have been avoided if we waited a few weeks until after all the local high schools had had their proms, but we just didn’t think about it.  And we were excited to go pick out the tuxes. Oh well.
  2. Take advantage of the deals. Nearly all tux places have some kind of deal where if you have so many rentals, then the groom gets a free tux rental or a free suit or something like that.  If you get your bridesmaid dresses at David’s Bridal then you should get a discount on your tuxes, at least at Men’s Warehouse.  If they don’t mention it, ask about it.  Be sure to ask if you are getting all of the deals and discounts you are eligible to get.  And if someone else offered you a better deal, tell the sales person.  If they are a good salesperson, they would rather work a deal with you so that you spend your money at their store (and on their commission) rather than say no, we don’t run that deal and lose your business to someone else.
  3. Don’t let the salesperson push you into picking a more expensive tux than you want your groomsmen (and other tux wearing men) to have to spend.  They are , obviously, going to push you toward picking the most expensive tux they offer, but there is no reason you need to do that one if you are picking black tuxes.  (If you are going with another color, you might have to go with whatever price that is available in, and I can almost guarantee it will be one of the more expensive ones.)  Stand your ground and don’t be afraid to say “That is too much money.  What are some less expensive options?”.  Note:  We ended going with a mid-line tux because it came with a slim fit which is a necessity for Mr. C — he would be swimming in his otherwise.  It was a little more than we wanted to ask the guys to spend since they are all having to travel as well. We decided that since Mr. C will get his tux for free (see tip #2) we would pay for $25 of each groomsman’s tux to help bring the cost down for them.
  4. I don’t know about other rental sources, but we discovered that at Men’s Wearhouse in addition to renting tuxes, you can also rent just the coordinating vest and tie for around $35.  This is a great option for ushers, Fathers and other special people in your day that you don’t want (or need) to ask to spend the money on a full tux, but would like to give them the opportunity to match the rest of the wedding party and feel special and included.

What have you seen guys wear at weddings?  What other tips and advice are there for navigating this process?

Menswear images from the Men’s Wearhouse website.  I have no affiliation with Men’s Wearhouse, nor did I receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise for this post.


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