Real Weddings: Sarah and Chris

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Over the weekend I went to the wedding of my amazing sister-in-law Sarah (Calvin’s twin sister) and her husband Chris.  Sarah is amazingly crafty, so she had a whole host of amazing DIY features at her wedding in addition to the DIY bouquets that I showed you how to make last month.  Here are some pictures of the amazing DIY aspects of the wedding.

Sarah (like me) refuses to pay a lot of money for something she can make herself.  So rather than pay a whole lot of money for a blinged out belt and veil, she made her own. And the turned out beautifully.

Picture1Left to Right: Cal (Sarah and Calvin’s Dad), Sarah, officiant, Sarah, Chris


Sarah and I made the bouquets and centerpieces together. I’ll have a post on centerpieces coming soon. I think one of the coolest things about Sarah’s bouquet is that the stems are wrapped in lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress.  I love those family heirloom touches that are incorporated into weddings.


Cal also is quite handy with the DIY projects (he has pretty much rebuilt their entire house!).  I am in constant amazement at his skills.  He made Sarah’s card box for her out of four pictures frames with pictures of her engagement and some extra wood.  I have no idea how. Personally, I think magic was involved, but he assures me it was not.






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