Teresa’s Handmade Navy and Coral Wedding Garter Set

Last year I shared how I made my own garter for my wedding.

handmade teal and peacock feather garters

Handmade peacock feather garters for my Nov. 2014 wedding.

garter toss

The garter toss. (Nov. 2014)

This week is my good friend Teresa’s wedding, and I have had the pleasure of helping her plan her wedding.  As we are wrapping up the final details before the big day, I wanted to share another set of handmade garters with all of you.

handmade coral and navy garters

Handmade coral and navy garters for Teresa’s Sept. 2015 wedding.

These are very simple to make, all straight seams except for the flower and camel embellishment (a running joke with the family about having a camel included in the wedding festivities), which are all basic hand sewing.

Supplies used:

  • 5/8″ wide (I think) coral ribbon for garter base. (I got all my 5/8″ ribbon at Michael’s on sale, but you can get it from whatever your craft store of choice is.)
  • 5/8″ wide coral, navy and burlap ribbon for flower accents.  I used this awesome tutorial from Ravings of a Mad Crafter that I found on Pinterest to figure out how to make them.
  • Eintsy thin navy ribbon ( I had this left over from another wedding, but I think I got it at A.C. Moore for 50 cents a spool originally.)
  • Thin white lace and double layer fluffy lace (bought by the yard at JoAnn Fabric)
  • Camel charm (from Etsy, but the shop appears to no longer be open.)

In addition to my original tutorial directions, I looked at this tutorial from Something Turquoise.  The only difference is I put the ribbon between the two layers of lace instead of on top and added another piece of ribbon as a lining of sorts on the back to keep the lace from itching the leg.


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