3 Important Wedding Planning Lessons Learned

Last weekend we celebrated my dear friends Teresa and Andrew’s wedding.  The weather cooperated, the rain held off and a fabulous time was had by all.  I’ll have a Real Weddings post soon, (since I was in the wedding and didn’t get many pictures, I’ll have to wait for the photographer) but today, I wanted to share some wedding lessons learned that came out of the event.


  1. Hire a day of coordinator.  This is the first wedding I have planned where we did this, and wow what a difference it makes.  (Especially since I was in the wedding party, I was able to troubleshoot big issues without having to manage every single detail of set up and event management.)  This will probably be my biggest recommendation to brides and grooms from now on.
  2. Do a full dry run of your centerpieces.  As we were putting the centerpieces together the afternoon of the wedding, we realized that the buckets we had gotten to hold the flowers were not fully waterproof. We found a solution, but we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and energy if we had done a test run before the wedding. (But, another perk of having a day of coordinator: we were able to discover and solve this problem without the bride ever knowing there was an issue or having to stress about it.)

    Those buckets are not waterproof! (But they were a great deal–$3 for 2 on the Target dollar rack. For that price, I’m willing to work around the water holding issues.)

  3. Keep in mind the size of dresses when planning the width of your ceremony aisle.  The mother of the groom and the bride almost caught their dresses on fire from the luminaries lining the aisle.  When planning to use fire in your wedding decor, be mindful that you need more room to walk and sit with long dresses and trains.

But overall, wedding=success!


How to Make DIY Photo Booth Favors

Wedding Wonderings header

I think one of the most fun trends in weddings right now is having a photo booth for your guests.  You get some awesome (and ridiculous and potentially black-mail worthy) pictures of your guests, they get an awesome souvenir from your wedding and you can have a really cool scrapbook/guestbook with photos and notes. Calvin and I are renting our photo booth from the same company that our DJ works for and they have a special deal if you get a photo booth and a DJ, so we came out pretty well on this one.  And we’re going to get little magnetic sleeves for the photo strips to go into and voila!- favors.

On each little photo strip, there will be a graphic that we had to provide.  At first I thought I would use one of the awesome free monograms from The Wedding Chicks. (Check them out for some really cool free downloads and printables, as well as some awesome wedding ideas!) I tried several of the monograms and these two were my favorites that worked with our wedding themes and colors.


Circle Love monogram in Blue Jean (dark blue) and Deep Ocean (light blue) and Silhouette monogram in Blue Jean.

But they seemed really  flat and monochromatic. So I tried the Silhouette in the brighter, more teal-ish Tiffany Blue, but that looked too bright.

weddingchicks-download-1398973474It was at this point that it occurred to me-“Hey goofball, you know how to use Photoshop! You can combine them.”  Mind you, my Photoshop skills are limited and rather rusty. But after much trial and error, this is what I came up with:

photo booth image

I’m pretty proud of it, if I do say so myself. Obviously in the real version it has our real last name, but I removed that for safety reasons.

And props for the really cool cursive font (the one used for Mr. and Mrs. and the date- not last name though) go to my amazing friend Suzanne.  You can check out her amazing Etsy shop Silver Tree Art and her blog at Reverend Artist Mother.  She also created an amazing planner, A Year of Daily Living: create your way every day that you can buy on Amazon.  Check her out!