A Ten Thousand Villages Inspired Wedding Wish List

The Ten Thousand Villages‘ end-of-season clearance email arrived in my inbox over the weekend, and I immediately fell prey to the lure of its eye-candy.  As I was looking, I kept thinking to myself, “That would be great for such and such event,” and here we are with this week’s inspiration post.

Ten Thousand Villages

Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that part of the reason for this post is to share the awesomeness that is Ten Thousand Villages.  (If you don’t know who they are read about them on the website, then find a store near you and go buy all the things!)  Having said that, they have some beautiful hand-crafted items that would lend a fabulously unique touch to any event you are having. And even better, you are giving back to others while you are creating a beautiful event that will have guests asking, “Where can I get one of those?”

All of these items are in the clearance section of the website, so the price is nice.  (You may have trouble getting large quantities of them, though.)  Keep in mind, these are hand-crafted by artisans around the world, not mass produced in a factory, so while you may pay a little more than you might elsewhere, you are getting a higher quality product AND you are helping support and create sustainable economic growth for artisans in developing nations.

(End soap box speech and cue the all the pretty things.)tenthousandvillages

  1. Honey Mist Pillar Candle – a nice alternative to plain white or ivory pillars.  Can’t you just imagine it tucked among some succulents or big, beautiful blossoms?
  2. Blue Sky Candle Holder– fits perfectly with Pantone’s newly announced 2016 Color of the Year: Serenity.
  3. Display Stand– hang small lanterns with tea lights or little pomanders full of beautiful blooms from this miniature shepherds hook.
  4. Twig Place Card Holder – perfect for escort cards at a rustic or woodland themed wedding, and it can double as a favor.
  5. Mercury Glass Candle Holder – because, really, can you ever have too many of these?  (The answer is no, in case you were wondering.)
  6.  Citronella Candle – keep all the bugs away from your outdoor event with this gorgeous alternative to the bright yellow wilderness candles.

The clearance page is a great place to get deals, but be sure to check out the rest of the full price offerings and the page about setting up your fair-trade wedding registry.  The stock changes seasonally, so be sure to check your local store early and often to see what they have that tempts your eye (and your wallet).


DISCLOSURE: I have no material relationship to any brand mentioned in this post. Financial compensation was not received for this post.  I have not tried any of the above products and this does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the individual products.

Literary Wedding Decor


Wedding Wonderings header

Last week I shared some of my favorite literary love quotes with you, and this week I wanted to show you some cool ways I’ve found to decorate with books and bookish quotes at the wedding (or shower or book club or whatever!).  For more ideas, check out my Pinterest board “A Bookish Wedding“.

One easy way to add your favorite literary (or non-literary) quotes into your wedding is to include them on your table numbers at the reception.  You can also add a stack of vintage books to make it even more of a literary feast.

table numbersTop Left: No Source.  Anybody know where this is from?; Top Right: Some Kind of Lovely Ride; Middle: Little Lots on Etsy, no longer available; Bottom: One Love Photo (this whole wedding is a beautiful literary themed one)

You could also frame or create unique artwork out of your quotes that you can use as decoration at the wedding and then in your home after as a reminder of your special day. I am all for things that have use after the wedding and won’t just sit in a closet.  I actually have several canvasses that are the size of the ones used in the right hand project.  I may do something like this when we move into our new apartment.

artLeft: Inspiration for Moms; Right: This Humble Home

I hate guestbooks that are just a book that will get stuck in a box in a closet and never looked at, so I think these posters are great to be used as a  guestbook and then framed and hung in your home as art.  You can have people sign around them or on the poster itself.  So many possibilities for creativity! I’m especially fond of the middle one.


Top: Spineless Classics; Middle: SaraAart on Etsy; Bottom: Novel Poster

I you want or need (like me- my fiance is distinctly not a reader, which honestly is probably good since our apartment would not hold another book collection like mine) to have a less overt literary homage in your wedding festivities, here are some great ideas for using book pages in your celebration and decor.  If you can’t handle books being dismantled, you probably want to skip this part!

pagesTop Left: The Paper Walrus on Etsy; Top Right: New Nostalgia (sorry I don’t have the link to the exact post)

Middle Left: Flickr; Middle Right: Coffeebooksandoxygen.tumblr (again, sorry no actual post)

Bottom Left: OKIFOLKI on Etsy; Bottom Right: Simply Stoked

Of course, these barely scratch the suurface of all the millions of ideas out there.  How have you decorated with books or quotes or used them in weddings and events?